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The Chromie Project

The “Chromie” Project

** This is a preview and in progress. It is not complete, so bear with me. ** Note: The following […]

Briggs Boltslinger - Gearsmith

“Tinkering” With Abilities

One of the things that can get static in-game are the same old skills, powers and abilities we have with […]

Vyssa aka Shammygirl

The 30-Minute Role-Player: A Quick-Start for Non-RPers

A “crash course” in trying out role-playing in MMORPGs, like World of Warcraft. The Idea This a no-frills attempt for […]

Courtyard Door

Ruins of Lordaeron: Expanded!

For Horde and Forsaken RP, there has been a really good update to the Ruins of Lordaeron, specifically the expanded […]

Research & Lore

Ask CDev RP Details 2

Back in January and June 2011, the World of Warcraft’s Creative Development (CDev) team had a series of Q&A’s about […]

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