About RP Made Simple

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What is the site about?
It’s about Role-Playing, made simple.

RP Made Simple was started to help folks understand a little more about RP – what it is, why we do it and how to try it, since the whole “role-playing” thing can sometimes be cryptic and intimidating.

To many, this looks like extra “stuff” to do – but it’s really can be fun to “live” your character, be it in a pen and paper, LARPing or in an online game. It adds extra value to the game and sparks your imagination and creativity.

The site has a three fold purpose:
1) To help new role-players.
2) For experienced role-players to draw from.
3) For Non-RPers to understand role-playing.

This guide is also a work in progress, so bear with me.

Currently I play on a role-playing (RP) server in Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft mmorpg, so some/most content will be wow-related. Most of the things however can be carried over and applied to any MMORPG or any other venue for role-play (tabletop, larp, etc..).

Role-playing and character creation can indeed be made easier, fun and rewarding – not only for yourself but for the other folks you encounter. It can also be “mysterious” or puzzling to some as well.

I hope this will be a helpful guide for those wanting to “blend” in more into role-play and into the RPing community – or just to understand what role-playing is all about. I’ve a veteran of pen and paper games, larps and in mmorpgs, so I have tried to use what I know to help people.

Read on and feel free to give feedback or suggest an article.

Always remember that there are people behind the pixels out there and have fun. More RP goodies to come!

God Bless and thanks for taking a look.

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