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Before talking about me, let me introduce my “mains” as it were on Earthen Ring (US):

Sullivan and Shaw

Sullivan Aisenshield – Adventurer, helpful sort and all-around good guy from what is now Andorhal.
Shaw Ashecroft – Undead ranger and reluctant story night host-turned occasional bard, formerly of Duskwood.

Ok, my turn I guess:

The name is Brently, Brent for short, in my forties, a graphic designer currently residing in North Carolina. I created the site here and also was a cast member of the Hearthstone Tavern RP podcast a while back.

I have always enjoyed fantasy, horror and sci-fi and the creative parts about them. Been playing rpg’s off and on since the early 80’s when I was in high school. Basically ever since I saw my first Player’s Handbook for AD&D and my first d20. Over the years, I have played a few pen and paper games. Ok, more than a few. :)

I have a soft spot for the Forgotten Realms campaign world and a little hamlet called Daggerford. Been the player, been the DM – the whole nine yards. Having fleshed out characters (even villians and npcs) that have some bite to them has always been a plus for me.

I’ve also played and was Storyteller for Vampcat Productions, one of the longest running independent World of Darkness LARPs, based near Greensboro, NC.

Eventually I came to Turbine’s Asheron’s Call for many years as my first MMORPG. Then off to City of Heroes, then finally to World of Warcraft. My first “real” role-playing server, Earthen Ring, where my characters “Sullivan” and “Shaw” now call “home”.

I wanted to help others get started in role-playing and decided I would try to write down some articles and tips to help others. That became what you see now with RP Made Simple. It’s not by any means perfect, but it’s well-intentioned. :)

Always remember that there are people behind the pixels out there and have fun. More RP stuffs to come!

God Bless and thanks for taking a peek,

The Guy That Plays Sullivan
“The People’s Role-Player”

Brent aka Sullivan | Shaw

Sullivan Aisenshield, (A) | Shaw Ashecroft, (H)
Earthen Ring (US)

Former Characters:
Asheron’s Call: Valhan (Harvestgain)
City of Heroes: Wardsman (Victory)