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Profile: The People's Role-Player - Creator of the role-playing guide - Bringing the RP back in MMORPG's.

Articles I've Published:

Meditations on being a Pandaren

Pandaren: Split Decisions 4

Monkdate: Both of my Pandaren Monks, Shanjo (H) and Shânjo (A) are coming along ok thus far. For this installment, […]

Shanjo's Journey

Pandaren: Split Decisions 3

As you can guess, there’s much to think about if you’re going to try this. The “Neutral” Pandaren, touching on […]

Pandaren: Split Decisions 2

Pandaren: Split Decisions 2

Based on my idea in Pandaren: Split Decisions, I finished my preparations. I created my Monks Shanjo (Horde) and Shânjo […]

Pandaren: Split Decisions

Pandaren: Split Decisions

You know, sometimes I get stuck in a decision. Which can be ok to rather annoying. Pandaclysm (Mists of Pandaria) […]



As “Pandaclysm” aka Mists of Pandaria goes live, I was thinking of pulling together some ideas, thoughts and reference points […]

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