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Back in January and June 2011, the World of Warcraft’s Creative Development (CDev) team had a series of Q&A’s about World of Warcraft’s storylines and lore. Since some people are “forum challenged” or perhaps did not know about this, I’m going to post a few parts that are generally player RP relevant. The threads are a good read, with more information to dig into than what I have here – so give it a look if you’re curious. :)

This is Part Two.

Note: Remember that some of this information can still be labeled OOCly only, so be responsible on how you use it. What you “know” may be completely different to what your character “knows”.

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Now, for the Q&A’s:

Information from the Warcraft and World of Warcraft RPGs

    Player Question: Are the Warcraft and World of Warcraft RPG books considered canon?

    CDev Answer: No. The RPG books were created to provide an engaging table-top role-playing experience, which sometimes required diverging from the established video game canon. Blizzard helped generate a great deal of the content within the RPG books, so there will be times when ideas from the RPG will make their way into the game and official lore, but you are much better off considering the RPG books non-canonical unless otherwise stated.

Titans on Azeroth

    Player Question: Have we seen a true titan yet in World of Warcraft?

    CDev Answer: A: No, only their creations.

An Emerald Dream < ---> Loa Connection

    Player Question: What is the relationship between the Ancients of the Emerald Dream and the loa?

    CDev Answer: Troll druids visiting the Moonglade have been overheard calling the wisps who reside there loa, just as they refer to Goldrinn, Aviana, and the other returned Ancients as loa. Night elves and tauren have tried to counsel these trolls on “correct” druidic nomenclature, but the trolls thus far have been stuck in their ways.

Troll Regeneration

    Player Question: If trolls are able to regenerate their limbs, why didn’t Zul’jin’s arm grow back?

    CDev Answer: For the most part, it is the speed at which trolls regenerate that makes them formidable foes. When in balance with the loa of their tribe, they are also able to regrow digits (fingers and toes). Tales abound in troll culture, however, of those blessed by the loa with extraordinary regenerative abilities, such as the ability to regrow limbs and even vital organs lost in battle. The tale of Vula’jin the Void speaks of how he regrew almost his entire body after standing in a pool of shadowflame. But just as the loa can bless, they can also curse; troll children are taught legends of those cursed by the loa, unable to heal even flesh wounds, to instill the proper respect for their patron spirits.

Beings before the Titans on Azeroth

    Player Question: What races were on Azeroth before the coming of the titans?

    CDev Answer: Besides the elementals, the only known sentient races on Azeroth when the titans’ forces arrived to subdue the Old Gods were the trolls, the race known as “faceless ones,” and the aqir.

    Due to the Old Gods’ war against the titans, as well as the extensive terraforming that followed the war’s conclusion, records of what races existed before even the Old Gods’ arrival have likely been lost forever.

The Argent Crusade’s view of the Forsaken and Sylvanas since WOTLK

    Player Question: What is the Argent Crusade’s relationship with the Forsaken, in light of Sylvanas’s recent actions?

    CDev Answer: Although the members of the Argent Crusade still stand by the Forsaken heroes who joined them in the battle against the Scourge, Sylvanas’s actions since the slaying of Arthas have deeply concerned the crusaders. They, along with certain members of the Ebon Blade, are now watching Sylvanas and the Forsaken very closely, as similarities between her and the Lich King are increasing in number by the day.

The Forsaken “Fleet”

    Player Question: The Forsaken don’t have a harbor or any dry docks: how do they create their ships?

    CDev Answer: The Forsaken navy is composed of ships dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. Most of them were once among Lordaeron’s fleets.

Undead/Forsaken and The Light, Part 2

    Player Question 1: When undead use or are healed by the Holy Light, does it cause them any actual damage or harm, or does it only cause them pain (in addition to the intended effects of the spell)?

    CDev Answer 1: Channeling the Light in any way, or receiving healing from the Light, only causes pain. Forsaken priests do not disintegrate or explode from channeling the Light for an extended period of time… though they may wish they would.

    Player Question 2: Are there long-term effects on an undead who is in regular contact with the Holy Light in a positive way?

    CDev Answer 2: It is difficult to say, as there are no known records of undead wielding the Holy Light before the Third War. There are reports, however, that some Forsaken have slowly experienced a sharpening of their dulled senses of touch, smell, etc., as well as an increase in the flashes of positive emotions that have otherwise become so rare since their fall into undeath.

    Unfortunately, this may be the cause of the Forsaken priesthood’s increased attempts at self-destruction; regaining these senses would force the priests to smell their own rotting flesh, taste the decay in their mouths and throats, and even feel the maggots burrowing within their bodies.

Worgen and the Forsaken

    Player Question: Why are humans who drink the blood of worgen unable to be raised as Forsaken?

    CDev Answer: Not only are the Val’kyr less powerful than the Lich King when it comes to raising the undead, but the worgen curse also makes raising them into undeath far more difficult than it is for normal humans.

    The worgen curse has roots in both the Emerald Dream (through the wolf Ancient, Goldrinn) and the holy power of the goddess Elune. In addition, those worgen who imbibe the waters of Tal’doren – through the ritual they undergo to maintain balance between the worgen curse and their humanity – have a further resistance to the corruption of undeath.

Blood Elf Death Knights and Magic Addiction

    Player Question: Are Blood Elf Death Knights still afflicted by their racial addiction to magic?

    CDev Answer: No, though their new addiction, the one all Ebon Blade death knights possess, is arguably worse: the need to inflict pain. If death knights do not regularly inflict agony upon another creature, they begin to suffer wracking pains that could drive them into a mindless, blood-seeking hysteria—a far worse fate than that of those who suffer from arcane withdrawal.

Blood Elves view of the returning Highborne (NE Mages)

    Player Question: How have the blood elves reacted to the Highborne’s return to night elf society, heralding the return of kaldorei magi?

    CDev Answer: Because their expulsion from night elf society after the War of the Ancients was due to their use of arcane magic, the blood elves were outraged to hear that the kaldorei had welcomed the Highborne back and were tolerating the practice of arcane magic again.

    After witnessing the “rookie” mistakes made by the new kaldorei magi, however, the blood elves are anxiously awaiting whatever mess the kaldorei are going to put themselves in. What’s more, some sin’dorei have been able to exploit the kaldorei’s inexperience in order to rout Alliance forces, as seen in the “Amberwind’s Journal” quest series in Azshara.

Blood Elf eye color since Burning Crusade

    Player Question: Why do Blood Elves still have green eyes?

    CDev Answer: Corruption from fel energies takes a long time to wear off. It’s why most orcs are still green even though Mannoroth is dead.

Elemental Lords

    Player Question: Were there ever different elemental lords before the current four?

    CDev Answer: Ragnaros (fire), Al’Akir (air), Therazane (earth), and Neptulon (water) are the only elemental rulers Azeroth has had in its existence. What this will mean for the elements of fire and air with the deaths of their elemental lords is unknown, but it most certainly is not good.

Gnomish Priests

    Player Question: Why are gnomes suddenly interested in the Light?

    CDev Answer: The gnomes have had an interest in the Light since they joined the Alliance, but they were so focused on technology and, later, the retaking of Gnomeregan that studying the Light didn’t feel necessary to them; the dwarven priests and paladins of Ironforge served as the only connection to the Light they needed.

    Now that the gnomes have reclaimed a foothold in Gnomeregan and begun rebuilding their culture outside of Ironforge, however, they’ve recognized the importance of having followers of the Light in their own ranks. In addition, researching new methods of purifying irradiated gnomes has led to radical advances in Light-based technology!

Elune = Naaru?

    Player Question: Is Elune a Naaru?

    CDev Answer: During a recent visit to Darnassus by Velen, he explained that the kaldorei’s description of Elune, as well as the demonstrated powers of the goddess, matched his experiences with powerful naaru.

    He began to offer advice regarding how to commune with powerful naaru, but Tyrande thanked him for his opinion, then cordially requested that he refrain from making such outlandish claims when in Darnassus or in the presence of Elune’s priesthood..