Pandaren: Split Decisions

Pandaren: Split Decisions

You know, sometimes I get stuck in a decision. Which can be ok to rather annoying. Pandaclysm (Mists of Pandaria) is no exception, if you’re playing a Pandaren. Without laying down the “Spoilhammer” – Your Pandaren at some point has to choose to go Horde or Alliance.

But I ask this: What if I don’t wanna?

You say to yourself… “Holy Neutrality, Alt-Man! How can that be done!”

“All will be revealed soon enough, Old Chum! – To the Alt-Mobile!”

The RP Concept
Pandaren start out Neutral in regards to Alliance/Horde. What if we want to stay Neutral ICly and help others and the world? While both sides bicker and fight amongst themselves – A Neutral Pandaren can hang out, adventure, help folks, sling some brewskis and do more or less what Pandaren canonly/not-so-canonly have done since Warcraft III.

The TLDR Solution
Since Pandaren can join either BOTH factions, why not make TWO identical Pandaren, keep them in sync and RP Neutral ICly on both sides. This is not a fullproof plan, but it’s a very, very cool one if you can pull it off!

Step 1 – Cloning Made Simple
Make TWO Pandaren on your RP server. Make them IDENTICAL.
Step 2 – Playing the Name Game
Note: You may need a RP Flagging Addon for name manipulation.

Without a Addon: you can make two names, and either use unicode/alt characters for one of the vowels. For best results, do not go nuts with this. Note: Note that this does make you character harder to send messages to, send mail to add as a friend, so make sure you want to go this route. Understanding that, it may be the better solution in case not many on your RP actually use an Name Flagging Addon.

With a Addon: You can control how your name appears with others that have a compatible Addon. Make one of the Pandaren the first name, the other the surname or middle name – whichever combo works best in your case. The trick is to use the Addon to make the name appear the same for both characters.

Another useful tip!: My friend Krelle from Earthen Ring (US) had this “pro tip”!:

Use a name with “m” and substitute “rn” on the other “you”. The “rn” blends a bit to look like “m”. Thanks Krelle!
Step 3 – Level Up!
Level both Pandaren and have one join Alliance and the other Horde. Then do your best to keep each Pandaren more or less sync’d as far as gear, level, etc.. This can be a chore depending on your playstyle, but the payoff can be worth it.
Step 4 – Bring The RP!
Now that you have in effect, a cross-faction Pandaren who can hang and RP on BOTH sides. He/She can be as Neutral as they need. So, your role-playing is more or less seamless between Horde and Alliance. Remember that this does not allow cross-faction communication. You will be stuck if you are in one faction “mode” and someone from the other faction appears.
Step 5 – The RP Possibilities
Pandaren Messengers, Merchants, International Pandaren of Mystery, Observers, Demi-Ambassadors, Adventurers, Entertainers, Mercenaries, “Heroes” For Hire… All kinds of RP can be developed and be had. Add some imagination, some role-playing and have fun!
Role-Playing Complications
Working “both sides of the fence” can be as mundane or as dangerous ICly as you make it. Expect possible IC friction, skepticism and other reactions – which can add a bit of intrigue to your RP. Just keep that in mind as you interact with others, especially with the conflicts between Horde and Alliance.
Note: This idea has and can be done similarly with same-faction RP using two alts. You can ICly have seemingly a multi-classed RP character, similar to old school D&D. Just something to think about. Just remember to make it work ICly, make it somehow fit into the lore, and make it fun to role-play.

Pandaren: Split Decisions is a collection of articles about the concept of a Cross-Faction and/or Neutral RP Character in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion.