Pandaren: Split Decisions 3

Shanjo's Journey from the KISS Concert...

As you can guess, there’s much to think about if you’re going to try this. The “Neutral” Pandaren, touching on Pandaren from Warcraft 3 – but for role-playing purposes in World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria. My Monk(s), “Shango” (Shanjo (Horde) and Shânjo (Alliance) versions, but one character ICly) left the Wandering Isle to see what lies beyond, similar to what Lui Lang (the first Pandaren Explorer) did many years ago.

OOCly, I ran them through each of the “Welcoming” quests into both the Alliance and Horde. Both Ji Firepaw and Aysa Cloudsinger head with you ICly or OOCly, depending on your concept/backstory. They both have good intent and really want to do “good” in their own way.

Joining Up

I’ll give it to you straight (in my humble opinion): Both sides were welcoming until you met the leaders. It then went downhill. As I mentioned before, the Pandaren folk are a simple people. Yes, they have seen conflict – but this time, it appears both Aysa and Ji have bit off more than they can chew.

Especially this part of both conversations:

The Welcoming

See? You may have thought Varian was a jerk before, but Garrosh took jerk to a new level. But both are laying down the law on your decision to help and the relationships with your friends and family that may have came over to “help” as well. What your Pandaren may have thought he/she was getting into is now more complicated.

I also mentioned this earlier – being on “both” sides of this renewed conflict can be ICly “sensitive”. I would be aware (or not, ICly) to that issue. Your Pandaren could easily be considered a spy if the right ears or eyes follow your character. This doesn’t mean just the existing Horde and Alliance – even your friends on either side could have their suspicions if they are hardcore with their new “Allies”.

It really depends on your character, your role-playing and the RP “climate” in regards to the conflict. Just something to think about as you develop your backstory and role-playing around this concept.

That may be the reason being Neutral (As neutral as you can be, of course). The rules got changed, so maybe it’s time to change those rules.

More ideas and RP stuffs on this are on the way!

Pandaren: Split Decisions is a collection of articles about the concept of a Cross-Faction and/or Neutral RP Character in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion.