Pandaren: Split Decisions 4

Meditations on being a Pandaren

Monkdate: Both of my Pandaren Monks, Shanjo (H) and Shânjo (A) are coming along ok thus far. For this installment, I wanted to share some more ideas and observations to help with Pandaren role-playing with the cross-faction approach using the game mechanics to your advantage.

Note: The great thing about the Pandaren (and I’ve mentioned this before) is the Cross-Faction possibilities. So, it doesn’t really matter what class you pick. The key is keeping both as close as possible as you level up. Here’s some things I did to help myself get situated:

The Setup

I really try to keep things as simple as possible. So, here’s an overview of how I work this concept. After making my versions of Shanjo and going through the introductions to both Alliance and Horde, I set up my RP flagging addon of choice. This is entirely optional, but can maybe help immerse you into character.

Tip: You can also “switch” any Unicode characters using this, at least for those who use compatible addons. So… Shânjo can be seen (in theory) as Shanjo.

RP Flagging
2) Sync up Ability Bars. I took a look at my ability bar. I took the layout of my Alliance version and duplicated it to my Horde. Sure, there may be some abilities that shift over time – but the “core” abilities I tried to keep the same. This helps to ground your Alliance and Horde counterparts. You’ll want to follow through on this idea as you level up and gain new abilities. You can also use additional bars that can be found in your Interface settings to help keep things straight. I even did that down to the macros I had setup for emotes and related RP stuff.

Tip: Screenshots can help you as a guide and try to manage the same for your dual specs when they come around.

Syncing Ideas

1) Quest/Level up in the same zones. Yes, it can get monotonous, but it’s kinda neat at the same time. It also can help you pick and choose your path through leveling both versions of your character, since you “both” have a “history” there if you integrate that into your role-playing. Feel free to adapt this how you wish – nothing’s written in stone.

Tip: The main thing is to do what works for your playstyle.

2) Working on the wardrobe. If/when you are able, keep the gear as similar as possible, especially if you are really active into playing both versions of yourself. As you notice, there’s nothing really awesome about the low level gear, especially if you are wearing leather. Just make do and endure the “clown suit”, but look for pieces that can be good RP wear as you go. Did you save your starter gear from the Wandering Isle? Points to you if you did! But if you didn’t it’s ok. Just do what you can with what you got.

Note to Blizzard: Think about some more Pandaren-looking stuff for lowbies. Thanks! Bonus if we get lowbie plain straw hats!

I really was wanting to have some Pandaren-looking clothing for RP moments, so I researched what the Pandaren actually wore in a “normal” setting. I hopped over the Pandaria to check the “runways”.

Pandaren Clothes-NPCS

This was kind of what I was looking for… but I have not seen much in this style, other than the starter gear you may get on The Wandering Isle. So, I looked elsewhere on the continent. Here’s some examples of some of the outfits.

Pandaren Clothes

More Pandaren Clothes

What I found was a diverse arrangement of outfits, some things “fit”, others would not be my first choice. But, what this means is that you can have a lot of freedom in the outfits for casual wear for Pandaren, since most of this is available in-game. I did find some outfits which might be of interest!

Pandaren Pajamas! Kidding!

This is pretty much a no-brainer if you are looking for a stylish “Pandaren” look. These are very close (if not exact) to the robes/suits (in a few colors) you can get at the Lunar Festival. look for the Festive patterns and items for purchase over at Moonglade when the event kicks in. While in Moonglade, ladies can pick these up:


The classic Hanboks are also worn in Pandaria that you could only get in Moonglade long ago. You can also grab these from The Undercity and Stormwind now too!

I think Geenia still has the rare Hanboks as well, so keep checking for the Red Traditional Hanbok (right) and the Green Wedding Hanbok.

For Monks, or related Zen folk, I saw some ideas at the Shrine if the Ox:
One great thing is that there’s two identical/related sets in game as Common Cloth Armor – The Padded (middle) and Russet (right) Sets. The Padded is almost an exact copy of the picture on the left, taken from the Ox Temple. The belt and shoes are not exact, but the overall look is good. You can also get some Knitted Sandals too!

I also found these outfits:

Monkish Garb

While these trainees are wearing the Red Smoking Pit Set version, I found the Green, Black and part of a Sky version. If I find the rest of the “Sky” set, I’ll update!

Tip: Explore options and see what “fits” for you. Everyone has their own takes on fashion and costuming. Also! Don’t forget the Gray and White items and other quest rewards – you might find some nice RP pieces. has a pretty good Transmog Set Database, which can help you find sets or pieces that may work together. Just filter options and see what you can find! Play around with combinations and see what fits for your “look”.

4) Be consistent while in character. Wrap your mind that this is the same character, not two different ones. Carry your character development and IC backstory between the “Blue” and “red” versions. Act as one!

TinyPad (TinyPanda!)

To help keep things in order, I used my favorite Addon: TinyPad. You can use similar note-taking addons like NotesUNeed as well. The main thing is to have notes on demand for role-playing. It’s great for adding information as you go along and play.

Just for giggles! This is a nice thing to find! The Six Demon Bag! It’s a nice Big Trouble in Little China nod that Blizzard tossed in in Vanilla. David Lo Pan Style!

Next: We go over some RP tips for Pandaren!

Pandaren: Split Decisions is a collection of articles about the concept of a Cross-Faction and/or Neutral RP Character in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion.