Ruins of Lordaeron: Expanded!

Courtyard Door

For Horde and Forsaken RP, there has been a really good update to the Ruins of Lordaeron, specifically the expanded Courtyard area.

When Cataclysm started, they revamped the Ruins around the main courtyard. Previously, your RP are was limited on the surface. The only door into the new expanded courtyard was blocked, so unless you were summoned or flew in… you’d never see it. So for pre-60′s, you were out of luck. Until now!

Lordaeron Courtyard

See Figure “A“. Keep “B” for later – I’ll get to that! :)

The Expanded Courtyard!

Just recently they “blew” the door open, so you can walk in and explore the new digs. It’s got some neat areas for role-playing ideas. Forsaken marketplace, events – even Warstuff/Apothecary Society RP. You will notice NPCs like Undead Citizens hanging out and the Kor’kron Guard patrolling the area.

Here’s some shots, but take a look for yourself in-game.

Courtyard Interior

Courtyard Interior

There’s some real nice areas inside. Recently, the “Kosh’harg, Gathering of the Clans” event was held there on Earthen Ring. Was a fun night!

Kosh'harg Event

The “Secret” Passage!

With the new, it’s time to mention the old. That’s the “B” – The secret passage!

Courtyard Passage

This passage exits on both sides of the old courtyard. This has been around since retail and often gets overlooked. Here’s a teaser of what’s lies ahead:

Courtyard Hallway

There’s more down there, go see for yourself! :)

Lot’s of ideas here for role-playing, both in the new and old courtyard. Might be worth checking out!