The New (Awesome) /read Emote

The New /read Emote

This sort of snuck past me this in World of Warcraft’s 4.1 or 4.2 patch. The new awesome /read emote. Normally, you can use the emote when checking your in-game mail or your in-game map. When using the in-game map, you may not be able to see (or appreciate) the animation or anything.

The animation is simple, a map materializes into your character’s hand and unrolls it, studying it earnestly. When done, your character rolls it back and it vanishes. It’s also cool for RP use.

Recently I was told (Thanks Uinen!) that the emote also works anywhere when using the /read emote. Nice!

Read Emote Macro

So, being the enterprising role-player that I am – I make a macro and slapped it on my action bar. Never know when it’ll be handy!

Click once to bring it out, then again to get rid of it. Done!

While it is a a “silent” emote (No emoted action text or verbal), we can add a little spice to it with the same base macro with the help of a custom emote added to it:

Base Macro:

The “Spicier” Macro:
/e studies the parchment for a moment.

The /read emote goes off, then the custom emote, “Shaw studies the parchment for a moment.”

Now… if you press it again, it will end the animation, but still fire off the custom emote. :( So, it was off to find a solution.

After some unsuccessful macro research, I opted for the simple solution. Two macros.

One being the original macro, the other the spiced up version. Use the “Spicer” Macro that you can change the custom emote to to open the scroll, then the Base Macro to close it. Not as graceful as I hoped, but it works! :)

I dubbed them Read and No Read in my Macro UI.

Now, if they would do the same type of thing with a book… :)

So, what do you all think? Awesome, meh or otherwise?