The RP Stimulus Package

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This article bears reposting from the old site, so here it is (with a few revisons): Enjoy!

You hear a lot of folks say there’s not enough RP going on. The talk of this or that server is “dying” due to lack of RP. You read it on your realm forums, the RP forums and in-game. The “Un-role-playing Rate” is up, and there’s “layoffs” in the RP Community.

Pretty much it’s kinda like a “RP Recession”, yes? …or is it?

Role-playing is a group social activity we do – whether it’s around a table slinging dice or in an mmorpg. Without others, there’s not much to do, right? That is where the “RP Stimulus Package” comes in – to help not only you but your RP Community as well. A collection of things to keep in mind and in perspective.

It also benefits in how we treat others too – being a social activity, it kinda goes hand in hand. In the end, we are all people and we roleplay to have fun.

Many role-players want a “RP Buffet” of sorts – most RP servers are not and cannot be hot and cold running role-play 24/7. Others still want events and role-playing, but really never look, spark or think about how they can add to the role-playing of their server.

Granted, some players do not have time – and that is understandable. Just do your best with the time and opportunity you have. There’s some neat ideas and thoughts ahead that might help.

With that in mind, here’s the RP Stimulus Package:

  • Be “fearless” (but don’t be a jerk) in public areas when roleplaying.
  • Role-play where you are and as you can.
  • Inspire/foster role-playing both in the game and out.
  • Be a good example when RPing. Role-players AND Non-roleplayers do notice. You never know!
  • Get into your realm’s RP Community. Who are the “RP Community” anyway? That’s YOU and your fellow RPers out there.
  • Be a positive influence in your RP Community when you can.
  • Help and attend events if you are able to. If you cannot go, spread the word!
  • Try to help keep the RP immersion of the realm when able.
  • Support efforts by others wishing to help others RP.
  • Be supportive of new roleplayers.
  • Be kind, respectful and helpful to other roleplayers in your RP community.
  • Be kind, respectful and helpful to non-roleplayers, you never know when one of them may want to try to RP.
  • Stay away from being elitist or egotistical in talking to other roleplayers. There is a difference between being knowledgeable and being a jerk.
  • Be in character, even if you think no one’s watching. You may be surprised who is.
  • Remember when you started out and give fellow roleplayers some slack before playing the “YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!” card.
  • Remember that it’s not just about YOU. Share the stage.
  • Make connections both ICly and OOCly. More connections = more potential RP opportunites.
  • Understand it is ok to make a mistake, we all do it at some point.
  • Be open to explaining or helping others learn about roleplaying. If you don’t know an answer, nicely point them to someone or a site that can help.
  • Think before we “judge” or be a jerk to other players.
  • Spread the word about sites, forums, events and people that can help the RP community. If you won’t tell someone, who will?
  • Be flexible in your role-playing, there will be times when you may have to retcon or fudge things.
  • Respect the way other people roleplay. There’s no perfectly RIGHT way.
  • Remember that just because you may not see role-playing, it doesn’t mean no one is doing it.
  • Remember that your realm’s population will ebb and flow during the year (holidays, school, summer vacations, etc.)
  • Remember that the pixels have people behind them. And feelings too.
  • Roleplay outward and inward. Be out in the field where you are and allow others to enter roleplaying if it’s possible – bring people into your RP when you can.
  • Before putting a condemned sign on your realm, see what you can do to help revive RP. You never know unless you look, and in some cases – try.
  • Look for the RP, don’t wait for it to find you.
  • Don’t see any RP, make it! Random RP can work.
  • No events on your realm? Start one! You never know.
  • Remember that RP starts where YOU are.
  • Never give up.

And yeah, this is not a definitive list by any means – but it’s a bunch of helpful ideas to help bear out the storm when times RP-wise look bleak.

Hope this helps!