Backstory Example

Now it’s time to bring this together:

We did some digging to find out more about the game’s lore, setting and other information. This gave us reference points.

We have a Name for our character.
We have a good Character Description to help us picture the character.
We have a Backstory, either in paragraph or list form.

Here’s a simple Backstory Example of all that put to use:

Name: Tatelyn (Tate)

Character Description: This young man is in his early twenties, sporting a short beard and grey eyes. A trace of a thin scar is evident on his left cheek. We is wearing green-dyed leather armor, black belt and high boots and has a short sword hung from his baldric.

Backstory: “Tate” grew up near the village of Werth, not too far from the capitol. He’s fairly educated and came from a good family, although he’s had a taste for getting himself in over his head as a child. His Uncle Norhan told him stories of adventures and such, which got him “curious” about seeking fame and fortune.

When he was fifteen, he decided to explore the Blightwood Forest near his home, where he was grazed on his left cheek by a small bear. Since then he’s slowed down “a little” in his ways as part of the town militia, if there’s something exciting to do and he gets wind of it, he’ll definitely pitch in.

Now in his twenties, he’s a bit more respectful towards the wild. He doesn’t like being called Tatelyn, his given name – and is first to correct someone using it, except his parents. In his belt pouch, he carries a locket he found with a drawing of a rather attractive young girl and the word “Anna” in styled calligraphy.

Perhaps he can find out who she is, who knows?

So, “Tate” is ready for whatever awaits him. He has a past, present and a future to grow with and role-play. This backstory could be as detailed or as loose as needed. The main thing is having something you can start role-playing with and get a feel for the character and have fun with.