Enhancing Your RP

As you learn more about role-playing and get more active with your character, there’s some things to keep in mind. This is especially focused for Text/Chat Based RP, LARPs and MMORPGs.

  • Flexibility
    Be flexible no matter what style you role-play. Whether it’s more scripted RP that you enjoy or more free-form. There’s enjoyment to be had in either and fun interacting with good role-players. Adapt to changes as you role-play and work with folks – remember they are people too.
  • Interact more
    Sharpen your RP skills by interacting with different styles and people. Some folks will do well, others not. Just make the best of it and learn from it. Hopefully you will have more good times than bad.
  • Growing as a character
    Allow for character growth and flesh out your own story and persona. Even if you haven’t got an active storyline, being included in another’s story gives depth and volume to your character.
  • Extend a bit of grace to folks and a bit of trust
    Some folks will be new at role-playing. Cut them some slack and try to help OOCly if they seem new to the whole thing. Remember that you had to start somewhere too.
  • Explore storylines in game – maybe create one
    Not all quests are questgiver given – send rp friends you know on a “mission” or rally the guild or your role-play group on a cause. You can also tie in instance runs and other misc quests into the story. Alot can be worked out via simple communication ICly/OOCly. Borrow from your backstory and see if there is any possible directions you want to head in that work with the game mechanics and the people you role-play with, breaking into smaller goals and quests to do later on. Just remember that others have stories too.
  • Get folks involved in your quests – but be thoughtful about it.
    Forcing RP can be a drag or seem rough on folks sometimes, so ease into it or be flexible with the process if you want to get folks involved. Basic rule is not be a jerk here. *grin* You can try to include folks you don’t know – just keep in mind that some folks may “bite” while others may not. Use common sense and courtesy if you use this tactic.
  • Use of props and costuming
    As covered elsewhere in my guide, props and costumes done with a little thought can enhance the character. Think what your character would have, wear or like/dislike and go from there.
  • Drama – know when to say when
    Nothing kills things quicker than bad drama in a session. Know the difference between good drama and bad. A good rule if thumb is too much is seldom welcomed. When drama becomes hurtful OOCly and goes past the character – it’s time to reroute or rethink things.
  • Pacing and patience
    As I have mentioned before, don’t deal all your RP “cards” as once. Pace things out and be patent and understanding with other’s schedules and playstyles.
  • Outline possible storylines but be prepared
    Remember to be flexible since there are variables and improvise as needed while still keeping the spirit of the plot. A possible way to coordinate is via your guild forum. That way folks don’t get left out that want to help.