Event/Gathering Examples

Example Events or Gatherings
These types of events can work on your server or realm and in almost any game. The possible rewards are great nights of fun and role-playing. They can be yearly or weekly events, as schedules allow. Here are five ideas to spark gatherings and such to meet and interact.

Story Nights
Think about old campfire stories told around the fire, like at summer camp. This is a great vehicle to get RPers (and Non-RPers too!) interested in role-playing. Bring stories, songs, poems and some good RP – you can have the seeds for a good evening. Offshoots include discussion nights on magic, religions, lore and rping city politics – done all IC and with the golden rule in mind.

Socials, Celebrations and Balls
Think about old-style dance balls or social parties. They can arrange from formal for forsaken or Humans, to more primal for Orcs, Tauren and Trolls, even a horde version or a headbangers ball. Scout out a good area and see what can be thrown together. Create or use ingame events, holidays and work with the lore and game history to see what may be cool to do.

War Parties
This is more for the PvP-minded people, but can also be a gathering/rallying point for a raid or quest start. Rally in Spirit and unleash your wraith on the enemy afterward.

Marketplaces/Craft Bazaars
Gather a few crafting people together and form a Marketplace on certain days at certain times. Vendors RP and sell/haggle goods with other players. Not only does this provide a interactive trade district, it also provides goods to players and promotes good RP. Offshoots could focus on running an in-game tavern or storefront with a few smaller vendors. Even a traveling group /caravan of merchants that set up near a town could be a good idea.

Religious Services
Have spiritual gatherings for the Earthmother or services for the Light? Why not? It’s a venue to get people together with a theme and perhaps a message or dash of racial culture. For instance, a ceremony honoring the Earthmother for the Tauren. This could have a minor them regarding to keeping the land free of disease and cleaning dying lands. (Yes, 99% of Tauren are “green” *grin* ) Use your imagination, throw in some culture and imagination and you can have a very cool moment for both Non-RPers and RPers. Lore is your friend here.

Boys/Girls Night Out
Why not? Go places in character, hit taverns or “hang out”. :)

Another event that can happen on a RP server/realm. Borrow from different types of weddings and tailor it to your genre and race, if it applies. Orc weddings could be akin to Klingon weddings, for instance. Use your imagination.

Beat the Heat (pool) Party
In the hot areas of the game world or during summer time, why not have more or less a “pool party”? Find a good location near a pond, lake, ocean or similar and have a blast. Serve food, fish and a good time. Maybe come up with contests as well. An offshoot would be a “hot tub” like party in a cold region with hot springs.