Finding RP

So, where does one find RP on a Role-playing server/realm?

There are several factors that play into this. Each Role-playing server/realm is different, though some similarities will be found. It’s not like Dorothy crashing into the Land of Oz though. :)

What make it difficult to find RP, even on a Role-Playing server/Realm?

  • Alot of folks do not RP
    It’s a fact. Some came in with friends that do, some just didn’t see the server description before hitting select. Others wanted to escape the LEET mindset and place in a more mature atmosphere. Personally, I don’t blame them. But regardless of whether someone RPs on a server or not, they are still people – so treat them with respect.
  • Lack of RP Information
    Little or no information on what guilds, groups areas and folks role-play on the server. This makes it even harder to measure the RP. Most MMORPGs has issues explaining or making sure players know what a RP server/realm is and what’s expected. So, we are kinda on our own.
  • “Stealth” RP
    Not all Role-playing is right in front of you as you travel. Some RPers are scattered as are groups and guilds. You may find one or two, but it may appear there is no RP to be found. Most capital cities will not have RP 24/7 like some folks would like. Starting areas will sadly make you lose IQ points just by being in proximity. :)

Finding RP in-game

  • Your RP Community
    So, the Role-playing Community might be small to begin with – it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Look for signs of RP “life” and see what happens. People walking from time to time or talking/acting in character. Make notes on people, guilds and areas. Can’t hurt to ask as well via whispers in-game. Most will be helpful but be respectful! Remember that some RPers keep differing schedules and may be busy. We are all part of the same team, so let’s help each other.
  • Look around the forums
    Look at the server/realm’s forums or wikis and see if there is any information on guilds or groups that RP. Hopefully there has been some initiative started by that server’s role-playing community. Remember that some lists can have old information – but it’s a start. Check out sites and forums and do a little detective work. Ask folks nicely via the forums or guild sites. Be patient and thank those that help – it goes along way to be sincere than being rude.
  • Can’t find it? Make it! Stay and act IC and go about your “business”. Use a flagging addon (Immersion RP, My Roleplay, flagRSP) if it may help. It’s also a way of seeing who else may be a Role-player. It make take time but it could well be worth it, someone else may be doing the same thing you are. Sometimes RP is contagious. Trying is better than not.

    Chances are you will meet up with others eventually, so have faith, patience and keep trying. Be respectful to folks, role-players or not and you may just find what you are looking for. Can’t find a RP guild? Make one and see what happens.

  • Bottom line: Don’t give up! :) You might find it on your first try! Make it happen!