Immersion In RP

Immersion is the “holy grail” or in some cases, the “needle in the haystack” in role-playing. I varying degrees all role-players try to do this based on their playstyle.

The goal of immersion is getting into the game and your character so that you can have a good idea of how he/she will act, do or say while role-playing. You also develop connections with other characters, both NPC and other player’s characters.

Most role-players try to block out as much OOC information, game mechanics as they can. Kind of like “using the force”, going with their character’s backstory and their encounters in the game world to shape their character’s path.

Immersion is getting partially lost in the game world – but in a positive way. It’s like watching a tv series or movie and getting an attachment or feeling to certain characters. Becoming empathetic with them and getting into the movie, even as a spectator. That’s a form of immersion.

So in essence, less real-life, out of character stuff – more roleplaying, in-character stuff. *nods*

Being able to slip into the game world and “be” your character can be a little daunting to start. So, until holodecks (a la Star Trek) come out, we are left with the basic equipment: our creativity and imagination.