The RP Survival Guide

The RP Survival Guide covers an introduction to what role-playing is, why folks do it and how to develop a character for use in role-playing games. It serves as a foundation to build upon and have fun with.

Advice for Non-RPers
Try to understand what we do, “play along” and give it a chance. Even if you don’t RP, don’t grief others – just have fun and respect each other.

Advice for RPers
Help inspire others and help others understand without berating. Don’t shun a new player or turn it into a RP “inquisition”. Work with people whether they RP or not and be better examples of good and fun RP.

Note: I will reference material leaning towards World of Warcraft, but the basic concepts and ideas can be applied in some form to any role-playing game.

Big ol’ Disclaimer: The RP information/advice I give may or may not agree with other role-players. Role-playing is freeform and the “rules” and mindsets will be different from group to group. So, individual mileage may vary.

I’m just trying to help people, so I hope the guide is a help to you all.