Names (WoW)

In some MMORPGs, there’s the “Random Name Generator” (RNG for short), which is a curse and a blessing. It’s nice that they included it and it sometimes works. Other times… not so much. I remember trying to use it in Star Wars Galaxies.

“Rtyufjjweuwdg” I think is what it came up with. :P

My example here is for World of Warcraft.

While the RNG is ok, it’s far from perfect. So, we need to improvise. Sometimes you can find a name easy. Sometimes you can’t. So, it helps so have a point of reference so that the name “fits” the game’s lore.

Checking out baby name sites can work well. It just depends on the race and type of character you are trying to find a name for.

Squid’s Random Name Generator

Squid’s RNG has some interesting naming patterns. Great to explore.

Behind The Name

Behind the name is an example of a baby naming site. There are others, so check around and see what works best for you.

Doing some searching online or a book search can come up with some nice candidates as well to look into.

Using the NPCs as naming guides

I’ve mentioned before that for naming it’s good to see what the NPCs are called to give you an idea for what you can name your character. Obviously things like cannot be used (like for troll or some elven names), but you can get a feel for the naming patterns and structures used.

It is possible to use the names as is, but try thinking of logical variants and offshoots and see what fits. You will also find that some are transferable, like Human and Forsaken/Undead, for instance. Even some Elven names can be a good idea to start for a Human name as well.

Note: While it is not perfect (NPCs such as Stormwind Guard, for example), it does serve as a reference point. Scrolling up from the page gives you a short introduction into the faction.

To that end, I’ve done some of the work for you, via Wowhead’s faction “Members” list:



Let’s not forget NPC factions like Steamwheedle:

Steamwheedle Cartel (Goblins)

And here’s some Blood Elf and High Elf names for reference:

Note: As I mentioned before, there’s a chance of a racial mix, (Booty Bay have a heavy mix in a small area, so it was omitted, along with other possible mixed factions) but you can get a good idea of the racial naming that can help you if you are stuck on a character name in the future.