I’m going to toss this in early, because it’s something every role-player (or any player, for that matter) should keep in mind.


We all are people. Gamers, Role-players, LARPers, PvPers, Raiders, etc..


My thoughts:

  • Respect each other as people.
  • Respect each other as fellow gamers.

Regardless of playstyle, we should all try to think about from time to time. Role-playing is a social hobby. It’s not all about “you”. Others play as well. Share the spotlight, help others. Support your gaming group, larp or RP server.

There are going to be times where people will not get along. Just do your best in these situations. Drama really never helps in the long run. Sometimes it’s best to “agree to disagree”.

Some people like to try to make things better – others just want to let it burn.

Which path will you follow?