Role-Playing Tips

Here’s some assorted tips for role-players:

  • Don’t Panic! – Chances are, others are in the same boot as you. Keep your ears and eyes open, and see what’s going on.
  • Don’t be afraid to say your “new” to RP and still learning, most times, fellow RPers will try to help. We all started somewhere.
  • Don’t be afraid to “evolve” as your character gets “wiser” or experienced. Your motivations, character “direction” and mindset can/may change in some way during your character’s storyline. Makes for interesting rp, and great times with great people.
  • RP is about character interactions and being in character, not one-sided speeches. Live your character, but share the stage.
  • Avoid “taking over” another RPer’s event, scene or grandstanding in a conversation. The “It’s all about me!” mindset can backfire.
  • Encourage, inspire, and support other RPers.
  • When RPing, keep it simple and try not to over-do things. It’s about fun, not stress. :)
  • Sometimes being IC (in character) sparks roleplay. It can be contagious.
  • Don’t force roleplay or demand it. Respect others.
  • You can’t RP in a “fishbowl” – meet and get to know other RPers.
  • Establish boundries not only for your character, but for yourself when roleplaying.
  • RP conversations can be about anything, not just adventures or drama. Even “small talk” is a form of RP. Think of topics and bits of conversation that happen in real life and adapt that for in-game RP.
  • Have problems recalling what you do know as your character? What about info to keep yourself IC? Write it down. 3″x5″ cards work wonders.
  • Treat everyone OOCly fair and with respect.
  • Not every RPer is a “hero”. Even “normal” people can have adventures. Even the “ordinary” can be “extraordinary”.
  • If you don’t see it, make it. RP starts with you.