RP Burnout

Role-playing can be fun and entertaining. It can exercise your imagination and creativity. It can be fun! Sometimes or at some point, just like any other hobby or activity, burnout will happen.

Don’t Panic! It can and does happen.

There can be many reasons this happens, here’s a few examples:

  • Maybe it was just a bad game night.
  • RPer’s Block? Feeling that you can’t RP your way out of a wet paper bag?
  • Overwhelmed in real life with work and everyday stuff?
  • Drama, bad drama, rears it’s ugly head.

If it happens, you can try to work it out in several ways, like these:

  • Take a break from the game, do something else that’s fun for a while.
  • Relax, and don’t stress yourself out on your role-playing.
  • Sort out the everyday stress and problems that’s derailing you.
  • Don’t take the bait on bad drama, the hook is a mean one.
  • If in a MMORPG, play an alt for a while, or focus on non-RP activities in game for a bit OOCly.

The above solutions may work, so give them a try. Sometimes just taking a break helps. It’s also possible the burnout was a signal that you need to focus on something else in you life for a while and then come back.

Important Tip: Try never let a game and/or your fictional life compromise or derail you from your everyday life.