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Research & Lore

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Names and Naming

Behind The Name
Squid's Random Name Generator

RP Journals/Blogs

That Damn Role-Player
Too Many Annas

RP Resources (WoW)

Dramatis Personae
World's End Tavern: RP Forum (WoW)
WoW Game Information/Blizzard
Wow Insider
Wow Insider: All the Worlds a Stage
Wow Insider: Know Your Lore
Wow Insider: Know Your Lore Guide
WoW: In-Game Books
Wow: Story Forum
Wowhead: Lore & RP Forums
Wowpedia: Languages
Wowpedia: Lore
Wowpedia: Races
Wowpedia: Racial Origins
Wowpedia: Racial RPing Stats
Wowpedia: Warcraft Universe

Server-Specific RP Sites (WoW)

Earthen Ring – Earthen Ning RP Network