RPing in MMORPGs

Note: Please make sure you have a good handle of what has already been covered in The RP Survival Guide. It acts as a goof foundation for RPing and creating a character.

This section deals with topics specifically on role-playing on the MMORPGs, with a focus on RPing in World of Warcraft, by Blizzard. Most of the information can be used however in many other MMORPGs.

MMORPGs are persistent worlds, which means the game world is active 24/7 ideally (excluding maintenance). Some games are divided into regional time zones, others by country. Depending on the game, Millions of people play on different servers/realms.

RP Servers/Realms are designated for role-playing. RP-PVP Servers/Realms are designated for role-playing with more player vs player opportunities, where players can fight other players of an opposing “faction” or even each other. Some MMORPGs have “unofficial” RP Servers, set up by the server’s RP community as a place for other RPers to log into.

In most MMORPGs, you have a varied amount of races, core classes and sub-classes and game mechanics to get to learn. Some races can only be certain classes or sub-classes. Each class has different skills/powers they can use play the game. For instance, a mage can cast spells, a warrior can’t. Very similar to most LARPS and Pen and Paper games. So, it’s not a big leap in figuring things out.

Communication (and role-playing) is handled similar to chat clients in game. The two main chat channels are /say and /yell (or whatever equivalent there is in your game). Some offer Emotes for expressing emotions and actions.

For costuming, there are “gear” sets and clothing items available in most MMORPGs. You can make a set or mix and match to come up with a “look” for your character.

One thing to keep in mind is that most MMORPG games are set in static worlds. What I mean by that is that very few things in the world change over time. Granted, you may have expansions packs with new content – but the world pretty much stays the same. Certain monsters and dungeons will always be there with the same villains and such. It varies from game to game.

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft released the Cataclysm expansion which literally shook the world up. Content such as character classes, NPCs, zones, dungeons and quests got a huge overhaul. More storylines and “time-release” content were added as well.

Advice for Non-RPers
Try to understand what we do, “play along” and give it a chance. Even if you don’t RP, don’t grief others – just have fun and respect each other.

Advice for RPers
Help inspire others and help others understand without berating. Don’t shun a new player or turn it into a RP “inquisition”. Work with people whether they RP or not and be better examples of good and fun RP.