Starting Out

If new to the whole mmorpg/rp server “experience” or adjusting to it, this may be helpful. Expect alot of things when you first head out and explore the world. Here’s some tips to help you after logging on:

Don’t panic
Listen to the introduction and get into character. Be patient and get used to things, most role-playing will not happen until you get away from the starter areas. But if there is some role-playing, it could be a good start. Most people really just want to get their first levels and head on, but who knows?

We all started at level 1
It’s cool. RP is not a level thing.

What to expect in the “wild”:

  • Expect to make mistakes. It’s ok.
  • Expect the starter area to be a bit “raw”
  • Expect a lot of non-RP chat and actions
  • Expect sadly, some people being rude, obnoxious
  • Expect a lot of people who may not understand they are on an rp server
  • Expect a lot of blind guild invites for no reason
  • Expect very oddly named guilds (and people)
  • But – Expect also some good folk and some rp in areas

I really hope you find them.

RP Immersion Tips

Chat Tabs
One useful thing is to route all non-rp chat to it’s own chat tab (That way it’s there, but not, so you can concentrate) – it keeps some “spamming” away. Note: I personally route combat/skill text to it’s own tab also, so it’s not in the way of my /say, /yell and /party. If I really need to monitor those channels, it’s a click away.

Toggle Guild and Player Names
Toggle your settings in the Interface for no names to show up on the screen unless clicked. The name tags may be useful, but they distract from the scenery.

Set your Macros and Action Bars
Set up your action bars and macros to not only rp but function better in game. Remember your “spellbook” for special abilities if not already on your bars. Also, if you want to rekeybind your run/walk keys, you can do it and have it done.

Look for RP
Check out your RP server/realm and see if there’s a strong RP Community on their forums. Also see if they have a RP community set up in game or on a wiki or other gathering place outside of game. Don’t make snap decisions, be patient and respectful when asking. That way you have some scouting information to help you.

Then get IC and get into the game. Go into areas where rp exists, or find/meet people that are rp friendly. You will come across others that rp and play well, hopefully friendships and community can follow. Just be respectful of the other player’s time and rp style. Some players you will find will be a mixed lot, some very good and helpful, which is great.

In case of harassment, first ask them to stop, then if that fails – report and ignore the individual. Foul language can and possibly will show up. Too many people think the chat filter gives them the green light to curse and grief. My take on it is that people should exercise some manners, self control in their actions and speech. There is a big difference in cursing verbally in real life and physically typing it in game.

Just because you can curse and there is a filter, doesn’t mean you should.

Establish Boundries
Set up boundries and keep them in mind if an role-playing scene or encounter goes a bit overboard. There is good drama and bad drama – bad drama spills into “real life”, which messes up people. Knowing your limits helps guage these moments and know which ones to stay with or avoid.

Note: If in a bad situation – if that ever happens, attempt to work it out OOCly first. If the person is being rude OOCly or otherwise abusive, warn politely at first – then report if it persists. You will find many people in different mindsets and such – make sure you understand which actions/talk is OOC or IC.

Be Flexible in your Role-Play
There will be times and places where you may need (or should) break character and talk oocly with people/groups. Be respectful and flexible with people who rp differently or not at all. Hopefully it will be returned and all will work out well. Griefing one way or another causes more issues than it avoids.

Inspire and Encourage Role-Play
If you can, inspire and encourage others to role-play. At events, make light conversation, or respond ICly if you get tossed into a RP scene or encounter. Don’t panic, go with the flow and just try. RP Bluewalling can have it’s good points. *grin*

Blind Guild Invites
Guild invites are another issue. You may be flooded with people wanting you to join their guild. My suggestion is to ask questions based on what you want from a guild. I would personally reject all “blind” invites and those that sound like a bad infomercial or sales pitch, including “canned” responses. I would avoid these like the plague, especially if leet/aolspeak is being used.

Ponder the name of the guild, their policies and actions and whether or not they try to get to know you, or just want warrior#23 in their roster. Do they even RP? If so, do they have a backstory about their guild? Bottom line, look for a guild that fits for you, don’t rush. Look for maturity, respect and good people.