Talking the Talk

One thing that messes up some people on a RP server is how to speak. First you have to understand the “world” you are in, be it a high-tech futuristic world or a fantasy one, based in a pseudo-medieval reality. We can bring your character “to life” through speech. You don’t have to have a special accent or way of talking to others but it can offer some fun and creativity in role-playing.

Avoid leet and gamespeak
Try to use caps and complete sentences. Shying away from most gamespeak is good also in yells and in open chat. If you must use gamespeak terms, please use [ ] or (( )) to denote ooc info on a IC Channel. Now, if such gamespeak is the “norm” for the game/world or server, you can use it more freely. The best way to get a handle on it is to see how Questgivers and NPC (Non-player Characters) actually speak.

So, for being IC using /say:

Example1: “wh3r is teh AH”
Revised: “Where is the auction house?”
(yes, it’s more words, but it makes more sense RP-wise.)

Example2: “can any1 give meh +15 agility”
Revised for RP: “Can anyone enchant my sword? ((+15 agility))”
Revised for RP: “Can anyone enchant my weapon to make it quicker?”

Adding an accent or a dialect can bring out uniqueness to your character – just use it with moderation. Too much of a “good” thing can be bad. Try to be consistent in your mannerisms and patterns but don’t stress over it – have fun.

Note: Actions and wisdom can and do outweigh fancy words. Some assume you -have- to use “olde english” and “thee” and “thou” everything. That is an old generalization – sure, if you wish to use it – go for it. Some rp’ers can pull it off well, just don’t abuse it. Same goes for broken or crude english. Broken speech or crude sentences do not have to make you an unintelligent character. Some character’s histories may limit some language types.

Example: A tech-challenged gnome, or an orc influenced by humankind may have a better grasp of the syntax and patterns of common language.

Note: One could go with the idea that while the language use may be “crude” to a foreigner, it makes perfect sense and form to native speakers. Another good tip is using your racial languages – just remember that other races may not understand you. You can also make your primary language more fluent and the secondaries not as good. Also, give people a break if they are using an accent or similar. If they are trying to be in character and using accents or broken speech, give them the same respect you would want if you were doing the same.

World of Warcraft Speech Pattern Examples
(actual tongues/usage may vary and slightly stereoptypical – but accurate)

  • Dwarves: “Scottish/Irish/English”, from crude to proper
  • Blood Elves/Night Elves: “English”, from crude to proper
  • Draenei: Indo-European/Slavic slant, from crude to proper
  • Humans: “English”, from crude to proper – some Scottish/Irish influence
  • Trolls: Island slang, “Jamaican/Cajun” influence
  • Orcs: “English”, from broken crude to proper
  • Gnomes: “English”, from crude to proper, some with a technology/techo-babble slant to it
  • Forsaken: “English”, from crude to proper – to downright eerie
  • Tauren: Spiritual/Nature wording, with Native American influence
  • Goblin: Heavily-stylized JerseyBrooklyn-ish Dialects
  • Worgen: “British” English, with other influences and dialects

Note: Also you will encounter cursing or less than tactful language. While it does occur in RP, it doesn’t not give one the excuse to grief or use OOCly against another. We do have chat filters, yes – but maturity is important also. So choose your words well.