Using The Guide

I think it’s always good include something like this in a guide. Some people skip around and jump to this and that and sometimes miss something important.

For people wanting to know basic information about role-playing, the What is Role-Playing? section is the place to start.

If you play role-playing games with other people, like Tabletop/Pen and Paper RPGs, Text/Forum-Based games and LARPs – proceeding on will give you further information to create a character with a Backstory and some depth for role-playing. If your game is a World of Warcraft-based RPG game, you might also want to look through the RPing in MMORPGs section or use the RP Resources to help flesh out details.

If you are playing MMORPGs, like World of Warcraft, the RPing in MMORPGS section will be your next stop.

Don’t forget the Backstory Worksheet and Character Sheet pdfs. They can help work through a Backstory and help make a reference sheet for your character to use.

If you see any errors or something you want me to add, feel free to (nicely) point them out and let me know via the Contact Me page.