What is Role-Playing?

In the simplest terms: Role-playing is assuming a role, being someone else for a period of time. It’s done in business settings for training, therapy sessions and also by people playing role-playing games. But the first time most people do this is while a kid.

Yes, a kid.

Whether you were playing “war”, “cowboys and indians”, your favorite cartoon/movie character, or just sitting a “tea party” with other kids – that was in essence, role-playing.

Another example of role-playing is something you see every day in movies, tv shows and such. Even commercials! Actors assume a role and follow a script. They get into character and act out the role through the course of the movie, season, etc…

It’s a form escapism from everyday life. Who doesn’t at some point in their lives wish they could act out a similar role from a favorite book, movie or tv show? Being another character for a little while and having fun. What roleplayers do is take that, polish it and make it into something even more awesome and fun.

And there’s no script! You try to say and act as your character would in a given situation. That’s where the fun begins.

Along with role-playing is storytelling. They really are heavily connected. Just like a good book or movie – characters have depth and have their “story” as well as a storyline (the movie, episode) that they are playing out. Living out a character and using your imagination and creativity over a period of time.

So, the basic idea is a simple one – having fun by creating a “role” and “living out” a story. But sometimes can be hard to grasp by others.

But some people do not understand why people do it. The answer is also very simple: It’s fun. For many people, it’s their version of “football”, “fishing”, “Nascar”, “deer hunting” – it’s a hobby or interest that passes the time and is fun.