What’s Missing?

What seems to be missing sometimes in all the types of role-playing is actual “role-playing”. That tends to foster a disconnect between gamers and role-players. While this will vary from group to group, game to game – it can and does weaken role-playing and storytelling.

  • It almost reverts to a classic arcade game mindset of beat boss, take loot.
  • Character interactions are minimal or sometimes ignored.
  • Characters are flat and akin to card board cutouts.
  • Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Hack ‘n Slash is another term applied to Tabletop/Pen and Paper games. Another is the classic “Monty Haul” campaign style – weak challenges and BIG loot/rewards, which eventually kill the fun out of the game.

It becomes more “roll”-playing than “role”-playing.

Some games push the game mechanics (rules) as the focus over role-playing. Many game do mention role-playing, but do not go heavily into it explaining it. So, between players not understanding what role-playing is, or how to role-play – it forms the disconnect I mentioned earlier. That has slowly been changing over the years in games, which is an added bonus to the player.

Some players just like the way it is, which is fine for their playstyle. Others get burned out and find they are missing something in a game. That something could be role-playing and storytelling.